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Deli Sandwiches & Soup are available until
closing every day
or order from our menu:
Breakfast until 11:00
Lunch 11:30 – 4:00


Sandwich Special
Prosciutto, local ramp pesto
& fresh mozzarella
Through May 13

Monday* – May 7
Beef Veggie

Tuesday – May 8
Broccoli Cheese

Wednesday – May 9
Ham & Cheese

Buy pasties fresh on Wednesdays, or frozen any day.

Thursday – May 10
Good Ol' Turkey Veggie

Friday – May 11
Smoked Trout & Wild Rice

Saturday – May 12
Tomato Pesto

Sunday – May 13
Happy Mother's Day
Soup to be announced

Mother's Day Treats:
Eggs Benedict / Chocolate Cakes

Weekly Special
Pulled Pork, $7.95
May 14 - 20

Monday* – May 14

Tuesday – May 15
Corn Chowder

Wednesday – May 16

Wednesday is always
pasty day at Coco



Thursday – May 17
Syttende Mai
Spinach Soup

Friday – May 18
Clam Chowder

Saturday – May 19
for "The Taste of India"

Sunday – May 20
Chef's Choice

Watch the sign
For the Lunch Special
Chef is still deciding
May 21 - May 28

Monday* – May 21
Potato Ham & Cheddar

Tuesday – May 22
Curried Red Lentil

Wednesday – May 23
Turkey Portabella Barley

Wednesday is pasty day


Thursday – May 24
Cream of Mushroom

Friday – May 25
Manhattan Clam Chowder

Saturday– May 26
Mexican Black Bean

*/Freshly baked gluten-free products are available on Mondays - bread, cookies, brownies, muffins, torte. Gluten-free bread, in limited quantities,  is available frozen during the rest of the week.


Take Mom to lunch
on Mother's Day!


Try a half sandwich with your soup. Sandwiches include: Turkey Swiss on Cranberry Walnut; Turkey Cheddar w/Basil Oil; Ham & Salami on Focaccia; Corned Beef and Swiss; Vegetarian: Curried Egg Salad, Spanakopita (see description); Vegan: Hummus & Veggies. You can't beat the combination: nutritious, delicious.

Try our New Hot Breakfast Sandwiches made to order for you in four minutes.

Cafι Coco has plenty of seating and quick service. Cafι Menu.